When will it end?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you must have seen or heard of the many atrocities taking place on my small island country of Jamaica.  The murders, the rapes, the kidnappings of mostly young girls, have been making local and national headlines and there seems to be no end in sight.  Many are calling on our Prime Minister, the Honorable Andrew Holness to put an end to this mess.  Unfortunately, it will take more than just one man to do so, as many residents are failing to realize.  As the head of the government and the country, Mr. Holness does have certain powers that can be used to effect changes in how crimes are being fought and subsequently how criminals are being punished.  Nonetheless, any such measures will take time to enforce and subsequently made into laws that will ease the pain of the population.

One such measure that the government has undertaken is the Zone of Security Operations (ZOSO), which seemed to have worked in those areas where it was enacted.  However, some residents and politicians have called ZOSO an invasion of their privacy.  Given the fact that the residents are suffering through the devastation of crimes, isn’t a bit of privacy a small price to pay for safety, the safety of our children, the safety of our neighborhoods?  I would think so but unfortunately, there are some whose minds are closed to the idea that safety means giving up some form of privacy.  It’s not like the officers of ZOSO are invading the average citizen’s home but they don’t see it that way.  Hopefully, this too shall pass as the country has suffered this type of atrocity before and have bounced back; so we will certainly do it again.  How long will it take? No one can be certain until and unless there are changes in the mindset of the people who are involved in the undertakings of these crimes


Jamaica’s Customer Service At Its Finest- A Satire

One place where not to dine when in Jamaica or traveling around the Port Royal area.

Adventures from Elle

sign Gloria’s Restaurant in Port Royal, Jamaica. Image source: jamaicanmyway.com

I had the pleasure of dining at Gloria’s Seafood Restaurant for the umpteenth time on my birthday. Their food is a bit pricey but oh so delicious, my favourite place to have seafood in Jamaica before the second of September 2018. Their service is notoriously slow but the bright smiling waiters and waitresses usually remind you that your food is done to order and good things take time. That’s what we call verbal anaesthesia in my field– a bright smile and cheery face does a lot to soothe tempers when things are beyond your control. After all, they’re not the ones in the kitchen. But not so today.

I arrived at 1:58pm with my family, took a seat and waited 10 minutes before a waitress appeared. She asked us if we had pre-ordered (we foolishly didn’t) then handed us menus and…

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My first blog…State of the Union

By no means do I consider myself a writer, just someone looking for a venue to share my opinions from time to time. I do some form of reading each day on either my iPhone, iPad or a computer to stay abreast with what’s going on in and around the world. It is hard to stay completely blinded with all that’s happening around us. 

 Television news stations in the US and around the world will certainly provide excellent updates to each story as they develop: hurricanes in the US (Texas, Florida), Puerto Rico and other parts of the Caribbean; atrocities in Syria, Yemen, Myanmar, and several African nations; to the racial injustices spreading across the United States. Even the violence that is taking place right here in the United States: the Las Vegas concert and Texas the church massacres. There are also countless other acts of random violence that take place daily throughout the world.  Let’s not forget the sexual allegations that seems to be taking over the airwaves across the US involving celebrities.  

What may be viewed as the most telling problem the US is facing today is what many people view as a clear division of the people of the United States by their very own president. With such divisiveness, could the US become another Syria, North Korea, Yemen or experience the type of leadership we see from those and other countries that are not experiencing true democracy?  Could the US ever shift away from being a democratic country? Hmm.
This blog isn’t being started to answer all those questions or to address all those topics but merely to lend my voice towards some of these different issues as/when necessary. It’s rather difficult to watch or read those stories without a response and this blog will be my vehicle to do just that.  This blog will not be limited to only the aforementioned but will also include other prevalent issues as well: healthcare, travel, taxes, technology, #takeaknee; anything that is worthy of a discussion within this forum. So please stay tuned as we embark on this journey of sharing and learning together.